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Turf Talent Lawn and Landscape, LLC is not just in the business of maintaining lawns.  We offer custom lawn management programs specifically tailored to your needs.  We care about  the appearance of your property.

We offer a variety of services for both commercial and residential customers.  Our integrated approach assures you'll get the very best appearances for you property while minimizing your involvement in the process.  Please call us today for a no-obligation consultation on how we can help care for your property.

We are one of the few who still use strictly GRANULAR fertilizers. Granules feed through the roots, and are not just sprayed on the leaf. The result is a slow released, steady and consistent feeding. Unlike LIQUID fertilizers, granules will not be mowed away, washed off, or wind drifted away during the application. The use of granular fertilizers also allows for a custom tailored application. You will not simply get what's in the tank!

Below is a description of our "BASIC LAWN CARE" program. This program will provide all needed fertilizing, weed, crabgrass and pest controls to maintain a beautiful lawn:

Step 1 - (Feb - April)

Fertilizer & Pre-emergent

A quick release granular fertilizer balanced to provide an early green up.  Pre-emergent provides protection against crabgrass and other "grassy" weeds.

Step 2 - (March - May)

Late Spring Weed and Feed

A slow release fertilizer with iron is applied to for a deep green color and vigorous growth with the addition of Broadleaf weed control.

Step 3 - (April - June)

Summer Feeding

A well balanced slow release feeding to maintain growth and color while defending against many summer disease problems.  Weeds are spot treated or "blanketed" depending on conditions.

Step 4 - (June - Aug)

Late summer weed & Feed

Fertilizers applied to provide drought and disease tolerance.  Late summer annual weeds are treated as needed and a complete inspection is done.

Step 5 - (Aug - Oct)

Fall Feeding

A high potassium fertilizer is applied specifically to encourage root growth.  Roots grow most in the fall, proper feeding is critical at this time.  Any late weeds are also treated.

Step 6 - (Oct - Dec)

Probably the most important feeding of the year!  A high nitrogen feeding will allow the plant to store important nutrients fro a much healthier lawn in the spring and an early green up.


Providing lawn fertilizing services to these Colorado locations:
Thornton, Northglenn, Henderson, Commerce City, Brighton, Lochbuie, and Ft. Lupton

Other lawn care services include:

Aeration, Power Raking, Fertilization, Shrub Trimming, Over seeding, Tilling, Spring and Fall Cleanup, and much more

Turf Talent Lawn and Landscape, LLC.
Brighton, CO 80601